Varna Sakshi 2007

Varna Sakshi – exhibition of paintings by Sri Vasant Rao of Udupi, was inaugurated by Dr. Ravish Thunga, Consultant Psychiatrist of Mangalore on Dec 7th, 2007 at Prasad Art Gallery, Mangalore. Sri Ganesh Somayaji, well known artist of Mangalore and Convenor of Artists Combine, was the Chief Guest. Dr. B.S. Kakkilaya, Secretary, Dhrithi Foundation, presided.

Dr. Kakkilaya explained the Vidyaposhak initiative and informed that 204 students were supported in Dakshina Kannada in the year 2007 with a sum of Rs. 368500. He thanked Sri Vasant Rao for his extraordinary gesture of exhibiting his works for the benefit of the needy students. This, he said, would encourage many more to work for the cause of education of the needy, meritorious students.

Mr. Vasant Rao spoke of his experience as a volunteer at Vidyaposhak and its inspiration. He also spoke of his art and said that he often paints abstracts based on various themes. He thanked Dhrithi Foundation for the opportunity provided and assured of such efforts in future too.

The exhibition was inaugurated by Dr. Ravish Thunga by lighting the lamp. Sri Ganesh Somayaji, Sri Koti Prasad Alva of Prasad Art Gallery also lit the lamp.

Dr. Ravish Thunga applauded the initiative of the artist to contribute his talent in a unique way for the welfare of needy students. Such exhibitions can create interest in art even in those who do not know much about it, he said. He hoped that such events will become a regular feature.

Sri Ganesh Somayaji appreciated the unique initiative of Vasant Rao of blending art with a social cause. Art is a window of one’s mind, he said. As one keeps watching a piece of art, new meanings and ideas prop up and that itself is the beauty of art, he said.

The exhibited works included his paintings on monsoon and village life. The proceeds from the exhibition were contributed to sponsor needy meritorious students.

Dr Ravish Thunga, Sri Ganesh Somayaji and Sri Koti Prsada Alva lighting the lamp Guests viewing the exhibits
Dr. B.S. Kakkilaya, addressing Vasant Rao addressing
Dr. Ravish Thunga addressing Dr. Ravish made the first purchase of the paintings.

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