1. To promote scientific temper among our people through various Information, Education, Counselling (IEC) activities, seminars, workshops, publications, audiovisual presentations and such other activities and by encouraging by means of any possible assistance men and organizations involved with such activities of promoting scientific temper and rational thinking.
  2. To identify and help students from poor and weaker sections of the society and provide facilities to pursue their studies from kindergarten to post graduate level or above by way of arranging and/or providing scholarships, study materials and the like, directly as well as in association with such other organizations providing similar help.
  3. To empower the student community to know and to act upon the issues concerning education and career by way of IEC activities, publications, workshops, seminars and such other activities and by setting up Help Desks in every High School and College for such purposes.
  4. To provide support to educational institutions in Dakshina Kannada, Udupi and Kasaragod districts by means of setting up/upgrading libraries, providing computer hardware/software, furniture, building classrooms, toilets and such other structures/facilities.
  5. To educate the general public and students in particular, on various aspects of health and hygiene.
  6. To assist the administration or such other agencies in issues regarding public health, education or other issues in the interests of the public at large.

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